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We are full-service agency that leads to leadership and growth wirh strategy, data and business goals.
We get to know your business and customers and offer and integrated marketing and advertising combination that brings attention to you and your service.

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Empowering your tech business with tailored PR strategies, we harness the power of data and innovation to elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

Our tech-focused PR agency excels due to its deep tech industry understanding, data-driven approach, and personalized strategies, delivering unmatched brand elevation and customer engagement that outshine standard PR offerings

Who we are

Our quintet of professionals is formed by seasoned veterans in the tech and PR arenas, each carrying decades of individual experience.

From executing successful PR campaigns for top-tier tech companies to navigating the nuances of technological innovation, our team's expansive skills and profound knowledge place us in the unique position to propel your tech brand towards new heights of visibility and success.

We’re not just a PR agency - we are your strategic partners, committed to crafting and implementing targeted strategies that align with your brand vision.

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Utilizing sophisticated analytics, our firm meticulously assesses market trends and customer behavior, enabling us to craft highly targeted, impactful PR strategies that drive brand engagement and growth.

Internet of things

Leveraging the Internet of Things, our agency transforms connectivity and data into actionable PR strategies, bridging the gap between your tech brand and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Machine Learning

Integrating machine learning into our methodologies, we refine and optimize PR strategies, anticipating market trends and customer behavior, and thus, offering tailored, impactful solutions for your tech brand.

About us



Innovation is not just about embracing new technologies, it's about leveraging them to create narratives that resonate; it's how we, in the tech PR sphere, write the future of brand storytelling.

Ananya Verma, our esteemed CEO, carries an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the PR and tech sectors. Recognized for his innovative mindset, Ananya has consistently redefined the landscape of tech-oriented PR, using data and emerging technologies like AI and IoT to drive success.

An ardent believer in the transformative power of technology, he ensures that our agency stays ahead of the curve, translating tech advancements into groundbreaking PR strategies. Ananya's extensive network includes close relationships with leading influencers and thought leaders, amplifying our reach and influence within the industry.

His visionary leadership, coupled with deep-rooted connections, positions us uniquely to bring unprecedented visibility and growth to your tech brand.

our integrated services

Strategic PR Planning

Crafting bespoke PR strategies to elevate your brand and drive business growth.

Data Analytics

Utilizing advanced analytics to comprehend market trends and customer behavior for targeted strategies.

Influencer Partnerships

Leveraging our vast network of influencers to broaden your brand's reach and impact.


Navigating public relations crises with skill and discretion, protecting your brand's reputation.

Media Relations

Utilizing established connections with media outlets to secure prominent coverage for your brand

Content Creation

Crafting compelling tech-centric content that captures your brand's essence and engages your audience.